Sparring : Korean Terminology

kyorugi ——– (free) sparring
han bun kyorugi ——– one step sparring
doo bun kyorugi ——– two step sparring
sae bun kyorugi ——– three step sparring
bahn ja yu kyorugi ——– semi free sparring
machu oh kyorugi ——– arranged free sparring
jeon ——– round (competition segment)
shihap ——– bout or match
jeum ——– point
shi gan ——– time out
keum bahk ——– out of bounds
kyong go ——– warning
gam jeum ——– deduction of point
shil kyuk ——– disqualification
boo sang ——– injury
seung ——– win
bi kim ——– tie
chung ——– blue
hong ——– red
hin ——– white
jajun bahl ——– use of footwork to dodge a technique
nachugi ——– body evasion by “ducking”

  • Common Phrases: Korean Terminology

ye ————— yes (also “ne”)
anio ————— no
kahm sa hamnida ————— thank you
komap sumnida ————— less formal form of “thank you”
cheon maeneyo ————– you’re welcome (literally “Don’t mention it!”)
cheuk ka hamnida ————— congratulations!
ahnyong hasimnika —— How are you? (literally “Are you well?” )
ahnyong hasayo ———– less formal form of “How are you?”
yoboseyo ——————- hello (used on the phone )
ahnyonghee gasipsiyo ———— good-bye (to the person who is leaving)
ahnyonghee gyesipsiyo ———– good-bye (to the person who is staying)
ahnyonghee gasayo ———– less formal form of “good-bye”
ahnyonghee gyesayo ——————- less formal form of “good-bye”
pangap seumnida ——————- Pleased to meet you!
toh poepkeseoyo ——————- See you later!
eoseo osayo ——————- Welcome!
choesong hamnida ——————- I’m sorry
mian hamnida ——————- less formal form of “I’m sorry!”
shillye hamnida ———- Excuse me!
kwaen chanayo ——————- That’s all right
ahlge seoyo ——————- I understand
moreuge seoyo ——————- I don’t understand
chaemi isseoyo ——————- It is fun (or interesting)!

  • Commands: Korean Terminology

cha ryuht —— attention
choon bi —— ready
bah ro —— return to starting position
dwi uro dorah —— about face
dorah ———— turn
elosoh —— stand
gomahn —— stop (also “mum cho”)
geuk gi hyang ha yoh —— face the flag
jwa woo hyang woo —— face each other
sah bum nim keh —— face instructor/master
sun bae nim keh —— face senior student
simsa kwan nim keh —— face examiner/tester
dobok dahnjung —— fix your uniform
dhee dahnjung —— fix your belt
hai sahn —— class dismissed (also “hae cho”)
jonglee —— line up (also “ji hap” and “jung yul”)
kyung nae —— bow
ahnjoe —— sit
kool o angi —— kneel (kneeling)
bah ro angi —— sit in lotus position (yoga posture)
bahl bah kwah —— switch your stance (switch your feet)
koo ryung op see —— in your own time
seijak —— begin
shiuh —— relax
kalyeo —— break (or stop)
kae sok —— continue


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